Who those penguins are

We’re writing the year 2018. June to be precise. Since about three years, we have a project. Its called 5ergiveaways. There, we have ever since been publishing photoshop templates for your YouTube, Twitch or social media accounts. In June of said year, we wanted to add a little something more. So we started 5ergiveaways Thumbnails. The first service on the internet, providing you with regular free thumbnail templates for your favorite genres or games. After a few weeks, we noticed that to also include thumbnails in 5ergiveaways, everything seemed to be overloaded. Too much. So we split things up. The thumbies were born. Firstly just with a plain white logo and quite boring looking. Soon, around the start of 2019, we found our spirit animal, the penguin! He was with us during our darkest and brightest times. Currently, the times are quite moody as we recently turned on dark mode on this website.

To date, the thumbies have published over 120 free thumbnail templates, all of which, can still be downloaded today. Additionally, they also put a DhPs system in place, so that people who don’t own Photoshop still can enjoy the templates. Let’s hope that the thumbies still have a long and healthy life. Right? Most definitely.

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